Monday, July 5, 2010

some more japan photos from march/april.
these are from a trip to art island naoshima,
with a great stopover in the international villa in okayama.
top photo above is poster of the excellent naoshima sento.
the name of which is a play on words, I♥湯 ("i love yu")

we had the villa to ourselves - amazing.
traditional thatched roof country house
in an isolated country village,
the quietest atmosphere i have ever experienced in japan.
but we think the place might be haunted.

all photos by julian patterson again.

bathroom wickerware at the villa

cast iron bathtub in villa. called goemonburo, with slightly macabre etymology
sleeping zones at villa

a spot o go at villa

external view of villa

this is on naoshima

external view of villa


we were hoping this was a summertime bar. 
but kind of even better if just someone's house.
on naoshima.



art installation naoshima (we didn't realise no photos. very naughty this shot)


  1. wow the villa looks amazing! and the installation, nice sneaky photo:)

  2. Ah brilliant! I loved visiting Naoshima :)

  3. i had to cut short my trip to japan and so wasn't able to go to naoshima as i'd planned, so thank you for posting these. they make me miss japan!

  4. The Naoshima villa looks lovely! So much like the Hattoji one (where I have stayed and can recommend).

  5. it is a great villa! and naoshima is really good, i was a bit worried it wold not live up to the hype, but the art house project is really interesting, and chichu amazing builing. loved most that is was a little, sleepy, island with locals out and about.

    kylie - it is actually the hattoji one, we stayed there one night on way to naoshima (which is actually a highly recommended 2-3 day trip all round). is not super convenient, but well worth it! when do you leave for japan kylie???

  6. Oh I would LOVE to stay there! Make that I will stay there in the future!

  7. Anonymous23:34

    Ahhh, I really wanted to go to Naoshima for a weekend when I was living in Kyoto, but never made it (somehow we ended up going to Ise instead, which was still great, but of course, a completely different atmosphere). Now I'm determined to make it there someday :) Thanks for the great photos.

  8. these are so beautiful!!

  9. loving your photos and stories!

  10. ah you went to naoshima!! great!!!!
    i heard about the new sento, it looks so wonderful ne!
    i wish to go back to naoshima.... and that last photo, i took so many photos there too but i don't think they said "no photos" when i went there some years ago, maybe they changed it... zannen!

  11. What a house. Beautiful. So jealous.