Sunday, August 22, 2010

a post in two parts.

top 3
captivating photography by indgila samad ali,
via daydream lily guest post by floddertje

bottom 2

i am clearing out my old magazines

for a potential garage sale.
old copies of frankie will be on the sale table
(i think i am now officially above the recommended age group for this magazine;)
but i always liked it for their nice recipes,
and their nice photography,
and their nice fashion shoots.
here are two examples of the fashion that i particularly like.
LOVE the spotted jeans and tartan dress.
LOVE the vintage pants and delicate grey cardi pairing.

nope, can't wean myself off.

heading out to get the latest frankie today,
what a great cover:)

a political footnote:

australia is looking at a hung parliament.
a great big swing to the conservative/right.
did that many people really buy into the fear,
and tony abbott's
"we will stop the boats and great big new tax"

or was it like they say and people got squeamish about these
"faceless members of the labor faction"
(as they are called ad nauseam, ad nauseam, ad nauseam)
removing our democratically elected PM mid-term?

who knows.

i do feel proud to be in a state with
a constituency that voted in a greens member of the house of representatives
for the first time ever.
and greens with the balance of power in the senate!
there is hope:)


  1. yeeks, politics are crazy everywhere right now... love the pants and sweater in the last photo! it is torture to get rid of old magazines sometimes, so many pretty pictures and they really are a labor of love for the folks who work on them I think. love your blog!

  2. thanks vickie! very true, giving up magazines is EXTREMELY tough on many levels. especially for those of us with quite hardcore addictions to magazines and for whom a perfect afternoon is spent in the sun witha cup of tea, a cat and either pouring greedily over recent arrivals or dipping back into old volumes:)
    but i look at it as sharing the love:)

  3. Beautiful shots.

  4. HAY!
    your blog is rather fancy!
    I enjoy the snap shots and lovely finds!
    x o x

  5. hi yoli - glad you like 'em:)
    and hi lauren - thanks so much for coming by, love the word fancy, totally under-utilised i say:)

  6. are you having a garage sale??

    on a political/book note, this made me laugh: