Tuesday, August 17, 2010

works by rivane neuenschwander.


Inventory of small deaths (blow), 2000.
Super-8 film transferred to video.

guggenheim online collection.


  1. Thank you for all this loveliness on my Wednesday morning.

  2. I liked her film with a wandering bubble, a fragile thing surviving such a journey. I saw her exhibition in the New Gallery. I like some of her stuff, noises recorded while scraping down the wallpaper when looking for a hidden wire bug, for example. I like her reference to a certain film name and that the piece doesnt have anything to do with the film in the end. But those ribbons didnt appeal to me, I have to say.

  3. really interesting work. thank you for sharing, my afternoon got instantly better :)

  4. i just saw Inventory of small deaths (blow)this weekend at this (fantastic!) show:


    btw - love your blog!

  5. Anonymous07:43

    Love the floaty bubbles... they're quite meditative to look at. Great blog for inspiration!

  6. thanks for your comments, i really wish i could see the blow work - a visit to NY in order:) that is interesting about the ribbon work bohemian girl - i do like the story behind it though:
    "Ms. Neuenschwander also draws from her country’s rich folk traditions. One of her best-known works — “I Wish Your Wish,” first presented in 2003 — is derived from a tradition popular among pilgrims to the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim in Bahia, who bind ribbons to their wrists or the church’s front gate in the belief that when the ribbons fall off or disintegrate, their wishes will be granted."

    thanks matt! wow, i am honoured, your blog is very, very wonderful. and thanks ella and viilhville - nice to meet you and i appreciate the lovely comment:) and as always yoli, your visits here always bring happiness:)

  7. i saw her work very recently at the NM whilst i was on my honeymoon - i took a ribbon - "i wish i knew what needs to be done"

    her work was notably disparate but successfully so i think. i warmed to it's cleverness during my time with it, and there is a genuine tenderness to it, a gentleness. it's very good, although i also didn't love the ribbons like i did some of the other pieces.

    i too love your blog - a recent-ish discovery. i feel a connection to you through our sharing of epic wooden-floor-sanding-projects - we still have a lot of floors to do though :(