Saturday, November 13, 2010


I have been a bit neglectful of ii-ne-kore blog
over these past few weeks, I am sorry.
I hope you have all been well out there,
in blog, interweb, and real-life land.

I have a nice reason to be distracted -
we have been working hard on preparing 
to open a shop and gallery here in Melbourne.

It is a really exciting new venture,
one that I have dreamed about forever.
It is just amazing to have it become a reality.


MR KITLY is a shop and gallery in Brunswick, Melbourne.
Opening night December 2 from 6pm, 
Upstairs 381 Sydney road, Brunswick.
It would be so great to see you there.
(If you would like to come, and you like to schedule things in facebook,

MR KITLY shop will also open from the 2 Dec opening night. 
Pottery, printed matter, textiles and indoor plants. 
A collection of goods for life made by artists and artisans
in Australia, Japan, Korea, USA and Europe.

MR KITLY is a skylight and sun-lit space on the second floor
of a Victorian-era shop building.
We love our Brunswick neighbourhood,
and I love spending time pottering about, 
watering plants in our new space.

MR KITLY is a welcoming place that celebrates 
the hand-crafted, the unusual, the illuminating,
the imperfectly perfect, 
and the sunlit, small and beautiful things in life.

Would you like to know more?
I am working on getting together images 
of the opening exhibition, the shop, 
and also collecting some wonderful short interviews
and curated images by some of the artists and makers 
who are providing products for the shop. 
I will be posting the odd update here on ii-ne-kore,
(ii-ne-kore will also continue as my personal place to 
collect bits and pieces that i find beautiful and inspiring).

but there is also the MR KITLY website, 
facebook, the twitter and the blog. 
Phew. Basically the whole social media shooting match.
If you would like to follow any of these
to stay up-to-date with MR KITLY happenings,
that would be so lovely.

thanks for reading all the way to the bottom,
and a special thank you to those
who have followed ii-ne-kore,
both from the beginnings and more recently,
you have no idea how much happiness it brings.


  1. wow, congratulations on actualizing such an amazing goal! I look forward to seeing how your labour of love progresses :) best of luck with the opening ♥

  2. looking forward to it;)

  3. wow! I wish I could see it, unfortunately I live at the other side of the world... but I'm sure it will rock, congrats

  4. hello hello :)

    congratulations !!!!!!
    i can't wait to see more photos about your new shop !

    and also i wanna ask if it's possible that i can sell my
    products in your shop ?

    there will be a big updates in my online shop soon

    and these are my french boy's postcards

    let me know if you're interested

    merci beaucoup !

    happy happy brand new week !

  5. That's very exciting. Congratulations!
    If I ever get back to Melbourne I'll make sure to stop in.
    Good luck!

  6. congrats! i love the logo. really lovely!

  7. thank you so much for kind messages of congrats and things! if ever you do stop by melbourne, please stop in! (and looking forward to seeing some melbournites - marie - on dec 2;)
    and oly - thanks so much for lovely message, i will email you soon!

  8. Anonymous00:47

    that is so exciting - especially for brunswick!

    i live nearby and look forward to popping in when you open

    all the best :)

  9. sounds exciting! can't wait to see more

  10. A big, warm congratulations!

  11. congrats on your new venture! :)

  12. anna louise, felicity and andrea - thanks so much for your kind messages. please keep an eye on the news blog:) and so looking forward to seeing brunswick locals popping in! our opening times (from Dec 2 on) are now on the site: (under SHOP).

    matt - wow - I am quite simply honoured that you take the time to come by ii-ne, and thank you so much for congrats. likewise on your amazing furniture line!

    kristina - thank you so much, I hope all is going well for you. let's stay in touch, photography is becoming quite an important part of the stock in MR KITLY - lots of old camera journals (from 40s or so on) and also lots of the new books and mags feature amazing contemporary photography.

  13. Best logo over! And congratulations on your new shop! Now I must come to Australia. xx

  14. thanks lindsay! will be passing that particular piece of praise directly on to julian, he designed it. i love it, too:)
    yes please, come on down! melbourne's a nice place.