Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Emily Shur

Images of Japan by photographer Emily Shur.

“LA-based Emily Shur has been traveling and photographing

through Japan since 2004, building a personal body of work

that is, as she describes it, a “celebration of

introspection.” Like much of her work, many of the images look

as if they could have been taken anywhere in the world.

Without the title, Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo

(picture 4, below) might be mistaken for the groomed gardens

found around Southern California, near Emily’s own home.

The nature of this work highlights why disasters like the

earthquake and tsunami in Japan are so unsettling, engrossing

and disturbing. What happened there could have happened

anywhere. All things that are steady, constant and beholden,

yours, mine and ours, can be swept away. While it’s nearly

impossible to understand that kind of loss until you are faced

with it—to the extent that, in writing this, I’m aware that it

sounds borderline, if not entirely, trite—we all know, it’s

true. Because words like this are terribly insufficient, it’s

all the more reason to do something. Plus, we’re doubling up

the feel-good factor: you’ll be benevolent and get some great

art.” - 20x200

via Jenni Lee

Imperial Palace Gardens with Wall, Tokyo by Emily Shur.

All proceeds of this print through 20x200 will support the

Japan Society’s Earthquake Relief Fund.

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    Really beautiful collection of photos.