Thursday, March 17, 2011

MR KITLY Help Japan update

MR KITLY Help Japan has raised $790!

I have had to close the raffle and will be updating
via the MR KITLY news blog.

19.3.11: Update on the winning number

A great big thank you to everyone
who has shown their support.

Some links

Tokyo is doing OK, thoughts with Tohoku:

Beautifully expressed thoughts on why this leather artist
is doing what she can to help Japan:

Shigeru Ban's cardboard partitions on their way to Tohoku:

Japanese novelist's account of the earthquake and tsunami:

Hello Sandwich doing an amazing job of regular updates
and helpful links:


  1. i don't know about you, but i just cannot believe that now people are starving and help is not being gotten to them. if you would, i wish you would add your voice to the people calling for food airlifts (by non-japanese entities if necessary) into northeast japan. the japanese government seem to be overwhelmed and what a terrible tragedy that people should starve to death after what they have already been through. some have not eaten a real meal for more than six days.

  2. That is awful news, i hope we can all try and do what we can to help keep focus on the immediate needs of the tsunami survivors on northeast japan. with the onset of bitterly cold weather, this must be even more so. thank you for your comment.