Tuesday, May 5, 2009


i really admire the blog of gotasalviento, to me every post shows a truly beautiful aesthetic.

above via gotasalviento the joys of james d. griffoen photography (top) and mike mills fashion with photos by takashi homma (bottom). and more gotasalviento selects below.
(also have a look see at an imaginary band)

via lovely japanese online store quico

above: works of noriko ambe

above: drawings and photographs by gotasalviento

andreas gefeller

carl kleiner. via fffound.

above three: images from hasisi park. her blog. her site.

space house via designboom


  1. Anonymous06:21

    + blog: love it, too . and hasisi park is fabulous! Thanks!
    I was going to play the xylophone for the imaginary band when it all started, but somehow it has grown so big...

  2. hi jo! oh, xylophone is so great, after melodica, one of the best i think. such a nice idea. nazara has such a beautiful eye i think. and hasisi park - wow. at times confronting, but so beautiful as well.