Monday, May 4, 2009


kokedama are planted moss balls and are a classic example of 'i wish this was something that we have here as well'. i am thinking to head to the nursery and discuss procuring some moss and ball-type implements to begin my own kokedama - they are just so lovely, and seem a nice project for the colder gardening months. the hanging versions with delicate ferns are simply beautiful.

i fell for kokedama when we bought a type of kokedama from miho's shop shokubutsu and kohii in kyoto (the best shop in all of kyoto, it has no website - which is actually kind of nice - but i am happy to give directions to anyone going to kyoto) to give to my friend akiko as an opening present when she opened her tea ceremony room, en.

hoa mai is a moss ball flower artist.
also see
here for a lovely moss artist being featured at the most excellent looking hibiyakari in tokyo.
rakuten have a very big section devoted to kokedama.
and this is a
blog devoted to kokedama (and even better, in english, and with care instructions).
this appears to be a bit of a definitive site of kokedama in japanese.

a little update:
a quote from salasala blog (the blog on kokedama written in english noted above):

'Its cute round shape and tranquility formed by moss creates a somewhat comical but quiet, wonderful but humble atmosphere. Everytime I look at Kokedama I feel a sense of wonder. I love it.'

from hoa mai blog

above two: rakuten kokedama section

above four: hoa mai


  1. So pretty!
    Thank you for posting lovely!
    Love love
    Hello Sandwich

  2. Anonymous08:03

    The fragility touches me. Very Japanese to me. Thanks you, again "I never knew"...

  3. wow....thank you for posting this, i love this....ABSOLUTLEY BEAUTIFUL!!!
    i want kokedama!!!!

  4. thanks hello, jo and make it easy for your lovely comments:) they are so great hey? and i think a nice one to try for the southern hemisphere winter garden? very delicate - i especially love the hanging versions. you used to see them a bit in traditional places in japan, but i think they are becoming more popular as part of a new plant design/flower art aesthetic...

  5. I love these... I didn't know either. I'd like to do a post about your blog and use this as a stepping off point - if that's okay?

  6. hi lindsay, wow, i would be entirely honoured, of course, no problem! i am so very glad that these have been a bit of a new discovery to you and others, and that they appeal to people's sense of japan-ness and beauty so.

  7. hi i really love kokedama and i want to learn how to make them. i live in london if u know about somebody please let me know. thanks luciano

  8. for me its good to know that again japan is an inpiration for the west and in saying so the inspiration for the rave string gardens .com items..thanks

  9. oh moss, how I love thee...

  10. Thanks for sharing this...I kept seeing these all over Japan when we were there in the spring. Bonsai is a hobby of mine, so I became intrigued. It wasn't until I got home though that I looked these up online. I'm definitely going to try making some myself! Moss is absolutely wonderful...slowly I'm cultivating it in the shady places in my garden.