Thursday, April 9, 2009

ku:nel vol.37

joy of joys, my first subscribed issue of ku:nel arrived (thankyou to the delightful kangakanga).
here are some images from volume 37. the theme for this one was your favourite vessels for food: おっ、いい器
i am happy to see little ku:nel-kun is saying いいねえ!(ii ne) up the top there on the cover:)
you can click on the images to see larger.
the 私たちのお弁当 (our bento) feature in this volume is also a lovely one. you can see it via the our bento section on ku:nel website. i very much like the striped red and white furoshiki and green thermos.  

detail of page - lovely kitchen cabinet shot

vintage buttons

so many lovely vessels...

my bento for this issue

black soap

ku:nel fashion

the handcraft feature for this issue: individualised stitching projects

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  1. This is definitely my favourite Japanese mag! I just love their attention to detail. The bento section of this edition is mecha mecha kawaii yo! And reminds me of how much I used to love putting together a bento or 2 for a picnic.