Sunday, May 17, 2009

living low #1

a collection of some images of living low that i like. above wai lin tse 'diary from japan'. there will be more of living low, when i get myself organised to sort through and scan some of the books and magazines i have of japanese interior and traditional living spaces...

(i am planning a tatami tea room to fix up my backyard bungalow sometime when i have the necessary cash and julian has the time to design it. it will be my little living low space to drink ocha, lounge on zabuton and maybe even play the shamisen where no one can hear me. a nice dream.)

update: and see here for another excellent living low shot via ounodesign blog. ah, the 70s.

posted previously ku:nel my room series

moriyama house via youcanmakeiteasy

above two: via hello sandwich kotatsu dreaming

akiko's living low

flickr: seq

flickr: oloshovewong

flickr: trekkerpanda

flickr: nekobus


  1. I love the collection! We were thinking of getting one or two tatami for our lounge room too. But decided to wait until we have more space, we live in a small flat which is fine because we lived much smaller "manshon" in Japan.

    zabuton and chabudai is in our mind but still have not found the right table yet...

    Would be lovely to see when you finish your backyard bungalow.

    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Hi Bree! Thank you for the little Hello Sandwich link. I love your living low collection! I can't wait to see your tatami tea room once its finished! now thats worth a trip down to Melbourne! Hopefully one day we can chat over genmai cha in your little tea room!

    Happy Sunday love!
    love love
    Hello Sandwich

  3. hi momo, chabudai or kotatsu will be great. there is a lovely hello sandwich post on zabuton with a great link to instructions to make your own kotatsu, i am thinking to do that!
    and yes, for sure, once i have my little tea room, i would absolutely post some pictures, and then it is genmaicha for all, i would love to have you as a guest ebony, yay! but it will take a little while. tatami expensive here, and i am actually doing a very little thing at the back of my house at the moment, so my funds all diverted there:) it is fun though, i feel very privelged to be able to play around with my little house in this way...

  4. This collection - ii ne!
    I live in an old-style house so I have a big tatami room but I don't use it the way I should. But yes, I think it would be really nice to have just a small, maybe 4 jo han tatami room for ocha (and goro-goro!) :)

  5. Anonymous22:53

    Don't you just love being on the ground?
    A lovely collection and just proves once again, that our western way isn't the world's standard!

  6. hello jo and hiki! i am sure your tatami room is lovely hiki:) ii na! yes, i was thinking 4-jo-han for sure - the classic tea room size i think? you have to tell me if i am correct to remember goro goro is のんびりという意味でしょう?日本語どんどん忘れている!
    and jo, thankyou so much for your thoughts and comments - yep, i think the west should take a bit of a low down perspective look at life at times for sure...and your other comment about urban gardening and things is what reminded me to look for the community gardens zine i just posted - so THANKYOU~!

  7. "ごろごろする"はlaze aroundみたいな感じかな?"のんびり"よりももっとlazy!私がよくしていることです ;)

  8. such a great post!! lovely collection. i really like that last photo

  9. ah, 'ごろごろ' は擬音語ですね!そんな言葉大好きな。私もよくしています:) ありがとう!
    hi aron, i really like that one too!