Monday, May 18, 2009

rain or shine books

oh gosh. i really just can't help myself. i have just ordered two excellent looking zines from rain or shine books. you can see the below images a little bigger on their site (and order for yourself!). i can't wait to see them, especially interested in the very bottom pictured one, busho ikebana, to quote: 
'meaning "lazy school of ikebana", here are some floral habits in the most unattended manner.'


  1. What a beautiful book!

  2. thanks yoli! yes, i am so very exciting at seeing the ikebana one in particular - very curious. but the community garden one is also by a japanese author, so am sure it is going to be lovely...

  3. Anonymous21:27

    Glad to be an inspiration in a way.
    My, how did you find rain+shine?
    I just might go ahead and order, too!
    Would have picked the same two zines...

  4. hi jo! i think i found it via the papier labo site, which i will post about very soon, they have a great blog.