Saturday, August 29, 2009


update: i have finally figured out how to post largest style images on the blog. yay! so i tried it out with beautiful mina coats, up close and large:) i used this way for large image posting. but i have since seen that is actually not good, as may be a dodgy shortcut. i think i am meant to use a separate image hoster. hmmm. i will be looking in to it further...a learning curve for me because i am not so techno-savvy...

some pictures of the magical mina perhonen that i like, too. pictures are sourced via (in order): 
mina perhonen site 
mina perhonen site (x2)

and i think this filmclip that hiki posted is simply the best to see mina perhonen fashions in their natural habitat. this is an earlier post on mina perhonen textiles. 
and a mention of the mina perhonen embroidery book.

some more fashion: 
i like this flower stockings pink shoes combo over on a polish blog (found via 
my vintage vogue is beautiful (found via vegan and vintage).
the obus summer two tone action i am a fan of.
i hope to find a melbourne supplier of the polkadot style of swedish minimarket, thanks to tspoon of sunshine,
and the september issue is as good as they say, i think.


  1. Her coats are just fabulous aren't they?

  2. hi kylie! sooo beautiful:)

  3. wow, those coats... i wouldn't mind one!

    i've been struggling a bit with adapting my blog layout and posting larger pictures. i've now found a way i'm happy with and since friends keep asking me, will post something about it very soon (hopefully today or tomorrow).

    anyway - happy weekend!

  4. Hello lovely Bree! So nice to see these beautiful designs! And so big too! yay! :)
    Went to Clipper today and had one of those chai's! They are delicious there aren't they!
    Love Love
    Hello Sandwich

  5. he he! please ignore my weird blog layout s at the moment, i am playing aorund, and have to go now, so i leave them in a strange state...h,mmm, should have tried this in draft form first perhaps! thankyou for your comments - i would love to see what you have done kristina!!

  6. oooh, i love mina! I saw an exhibition of his designs a few years ago, when I was living in tokyo. I remember saving up to buy one of his embroidered egg shaped totes!
    He has a beautiful special aesthetic.
    Thanks for posting the large photos!

  7. hi yumi! embroidered egg shaped totes - ii ne:) (and ebony, the clipper chai - 美味しいでしょう:)

  8. hmm, a mina perhonen coat for this winter, i want the one with the yellow teddybear collar :-)

  9. momo05:00

    I love mina perhonen too.
    You might know this already but you could see new items here

    Their Kyoto shop is on my list of places I will be going on holiday which is only two weeks away!!

  10. hi renilde, momo and lindsay. their beauty, design and aesthetic is so incredibly perfect ne.and no i dodn;t know about that online store momo - thankyou very exciting! and have a great time in kyoto - are you going to visit miho"s shop shokubutsu and kohii? (i think i gave you directions? please let me know if not!)

  11. momo18:05

    You did gave me directions, Bree. Hopefully I will have time and find the place.
    Two weeks is not long ne.....Better than not being able to go back so I should make the most of it!

  12. Most excellent, excellent coats, Bree!
    And I like the new layout xxx

  13. thanks kate - it is fun to tinker:) the coats, i wish i had a wardrobe of them, wondrous. and hope you squeeze in the vist momo!